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About Gay:  Gay White has practiced dance composition and improvisation, tai chi, and yoga and has studied yoga at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India. She has been making dances since 1975, and in 1992 founded the Yoga Garden Dancers, a group who perform original choreography using asanas.

Gay teaches yoga and an innovative blend of dance and yoga called Yoga Movement. She is currently Director of the Yoga Room and co-director of the Yoga Room Advanced Studies Program (500hr). She also teaches classes, workshops, and retreats.

What distinguishes Gay’s work with yoga movement is her extension of yoga into the realm of performance and her emphasis on the importance and power of doing yoga movement in a group."


Yoga Movement is an innovative blend of dance and yoga, a dynamic and invigorating practice, and a chance to enjoy group movement.

Gay teaches all her Berkeley classes at The Yoga Room,
2530 San Pablo Ave, Suite D south of Dwight Way in Berkeley.



For more information on Gay's workshops, email
or Call Gay at 510-204-9322
To ensure your attendance, please reserve early. 

Yoga Movement Workshops


Yoga Movement Workshops with Gay White

Enjoy a practice of slow movement through a balanced yoga sequence.  Experience the joy of shared movement, natural breathing and moving from the inner body.


For more information contact Gay at

"It is while practicing yoga asanas that you learn the art of adjustment. " -   B.K.S. Iyengar

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