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Mission Statement...

Our mission as a dance company is to create and perform original choreography based on the ancient practices of hatha yoga that conveys the joy and inner awareness of yoga and speaks to an audience in search of a serene and meditative theatrical experience.


Our dance/theater pieces are based on the ancient art of Hatha yoga and expose audiences to a creative and unique dance form that draws upon varying disciplines such as Tai Chi, and modern dance as well as yoga. The theatrical productions have received critical acclaim both for the focus and strength of the dancers, and the sculptural elegance and lighthearted humor of the choreography.

After studying yoga in India and continuing to develop her work as a teacher and retreat leader, Gay began new work in 2007. The Yoga Garden Dancers is now composed of twenty dancers and four musicians.

Company History...

The Yoga Garden Dancers is a group of dancers, yogis, and musicians who have been working since 1991 to create and perform dance and theater pieces inspired by the ancient art of hatha yoga. The company premiered its first full-length work in 1993 and until 2000 they presented new choreography every year at such venues as Cowell Theater, Julia Morgan Theater, and International Yoga Conventions as well as yoga studios, community centers, gardens, parks, and other small theaters in the greater Bay Area.

The Yoga Garden Dancers have performed and collaborated with composer/ musicians Rachal Durling, Miguel Frasconi, and Stephen Kent. 

About our Founder & Artistic Director...

Gay White studied dance composition and improvisation at Naropa Institute in the 1970s and choreography in the 1980s with Margaret Jenkins, Brenda Way, and Wendy Rogers. She has been making dances since 1975.

Gay founded the Yoga Garden Dancers, a group of dancers and yogis who perform her choreography. She created ten evening-length works of original dance with original musical scores.

Take a Look Around our Website

We invite you to explore our website. Our philosophy and background can be found in Photos & Philosophy or take a look at programs of Past Performances. The Yoga Garden Dancers are a non-profit dance company and depend upon your support to bring our art to the community.


  • "Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life." - B.K.S Iyengar

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